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Upcoming Crochet-a-Longs

Starting April 1st (no April fools jokes here)

Crochet a Memory and Crochet with Crystal Lynn

are hosting the first ever

Crochet-A-Long Weight loss Challenge 

You will not to want to miss out on this unique opportunity!
Learn how to graphgan - If you don't already know how.  And receive tips and tricks along the way
Free graphgan CAL pattern - image will be voted on in the Facebook group
Loose the lockdown pounds - 15, 20, or 50+ extra pounds show up last year (or before... no judgment here)
Weigh-in project -  You've heard of temperature blankets? Well we will be making weight loss blankets  (optional)
Facebook Group - Exclusive supportive Facebook Group full of other crochet ladies also trying to lose weight  
Top fat loss percentage losers will Win Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- How it will work  - This will be a 9 week challenge - Running from April 1st through June 3rd -
Everyone will weigh-in at home by submitting a 30 second video to my Facebook inbox showing your scale at 0 and you stepping on it. Obviously for most accurate results, you will want to weigh yourself first thing in the morning after you use the restroom. Wearing a sports bra, and some tight shorts or swimwear like attire.  We will have 2 mandatory group weigh-in days March 31st for your starting weight and June 4th for your final weight. You will have from Midnight to 11:59 PM CST both days to submit your video If you miss either one of these weigh-ins it will disqualify you from winning the jackpot. (no refunds)

To keep it fair because we are all built differently 

the winners will be chosen based on the most body percentage fat lost not total pounds loss

The formula I will use to calculate your weight loss percentage is:

Pounds lost ÷ by starting weight. x 100 =


Example if your starting weight is 191 lbs and you lost 13 lbs, you've lost 6.806% of your body weight.

Anyone can join because you will be submitting your weight via video

You can buddy up with a friend, your spouse, or maybe find a local friend in the group (if you decide to meet up with a new friend you do so at your own risk)


There will be a daily roll call/Show and Tell thread where you can share your daily weight and weigh-in project 

Everyday you will crochet a row or square (whichever you prefer) depending on if you lost maintained or gained weight from the day before.


There will be 2 Facebook lives a week where you will have me for 1 hour where we will work on the Graphgan Cal together and I will answer your questions 

You will be able to upgrade to a VIP experience 

  • Where I will host a Weekly zoom meeting share some useful crochet graph/diet tips 

  • Daily food journal and calorie tracker

  •  Weight loss calculator to track 




Or upgrade to the Elite experience where you will also receive everything in the VIP package Plus  

  • To determine how big my finished project will be calculator,

  • How long it will take me to finish a project calculator,

  • How much yarn will I need to finish the project calculator,

  • How I price items in the market place calculator,  

  • Receive 2 recipes a week that are under 500 calories but are still fulfilling and delicious  (18 total)

  • My 2021 crochet journal/calendar  


Keep in mind the more participants the bigger the jackpot and the more winners there will be so invite all of your crochet friends to join in on all this fun.

With this challenge you will get access to

My everything graphgan course information  Valued at $150

A pattern Valued between $5 and $15

Exclusive Supportive Facebook group Valued at $1000 

18 hours of me live on Facebook to answer questions Valued at $18,000

the opportunity to win $25 to $125,000+ depending on participants 

If you upgrade to VIP you will get access to

9 hours of VIP/Elite group zoom calls Valued at $9,000

Printable food journal and calorie counter  Valued at $10

The weight loss calculator Valued at $20

Elite experience you will get access to

My everything graphgan calculators Valued at $100

18 recipes that are under 500 calories but are still fulfilling and delicious Valued at $20

my 2021 crochet journal/calendar  Valued at $15

So if you buy in and upgrade to the elite experience that is a value of $28,000 

of information and support you will have at your fingertips 

and that's not even counting the potential of winning the jackpot!


What is the potential of the jackpot? It really has unlimited potential, the more people that join the bigger the pot gets.

There is no way to predetermine jackpot amounts 

I will know exact jackpot winnings as soon as I know how many have joined the challenge on March 31st.

the below examples are based on 5000 people joining 

The 1st place winner will receive $125,000

The 2nd place winner will receive $62,500

The 3rd place winner will receive $31,250

The 4th place winner will receive $15,625

The 5th place winner will receive $7,813

The 6th place winner will receive $3,907

The 7th place winner will receive $1,954

The 8th place winner will receive $977

The 9th place winner will receive $489

The 10th place winner will receive $245

The 11th place winner will receive $123

The 12th place winner will receive $62

The 13th place winner will receive $31

The 14th place winner will receive $16

The 15th place winner will receive $8

These ARE NOT the payout amounts. Above are examples 

I know you are ready to jump in, and are saying "Okay! Crystal I am in! How much and where do I sign up?  
The CAL and Challenge Total is $100
The CAL and Challenge and VIP upgrade is $120
The CAL and Challenge and Elite upgrade is $150
Facebook group is now open
All payments are non-refundable and non-tangible
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