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Instructions on how to pay
for the upcoming
Crochet-a-Long/Weight loss Challenge 

Crochet a Memory shop banner.png
  1. Click the pay now button at the bottom of the page

  2. That will take you to my PayPal Me page

  3. Enter the amount you are paying for the challenge

  4. Click the next button under the payment amount

  5. It will the prompt you to login to your PayPal account

  6. A new screen will appear. Double check that the amount is correct 

  7. In the notes provide your first and last name your Facebook name if different and your email address so I can send you the invite to the Facebook group once it is opened.  

  8. Please note you ARE NOT paying for goods or services you are buying into a weight loss challenge. This Payment will not be eligible and will not be covered by PayPal Purchase Protection. Please do not "Tick this box"

  9. You maybe asked to confirm which account you would like to pay from. 

  10. Confirm the rest of the transaction 

PayPal Me Home Page.PNG
Payment screen.PNG

By participating in this challenge I understand that in no way is Crochet a Memory/Crochet with Crystal Lynn/Crystal Lynn Widger a licensed medical professional nor has she ever claimed to be. Before starting a diet and new exercise routines I know I should contact my medical care team, to be advised of any potential risks. I understand this is a online support group only. If I take any advice given or decide to meet any new friends in person I do so of my own volition. I also understand I can not hold Crochet a Memory/Crochet with Crystal Lynn/Crystal Lynn Widger or any member of the admin team responsible for any harm that may come to me as a result of actions I take while participating in the support group. I agree to hold harmless any individual or enterprise within the group and understand I will not hold liable in any way for the risk, danger, injury, or damages caused 

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