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Do you want to be a Tester?


I am looking at you to be my next pattern tester 

Crochet a Memory has been in business since December of 2018. I started out making portrait crochet patterns on Facebook.


In March of 2020 I branched out and started making other types of graphs and listing them in my Etsy shop. 


I have done moderately well, but to be honest with you I am tired of being one of those generic graphgan shops on Etsy with computer generated photos of my patterns.

That is where you come in. 


Pattern testers are extremely important to the pattern process.  After writing a pattern, I need to make sure that the sizes have been calculated correctly.

If you love to crochet, are experienced  with graphgans, or are willing to learn. I would love for you to test my patterns! 

You can choose the pattern(s) you would like to test and you will receive it for free. All I ask for in return is, you post updates of your project on social media platforms tagging Crochet a Memory and allow me to use your clean well lit finished product photos in my listings and advertisements. 

 After submitting your application, you will be added to my testers email list and will be notified whenever there is a new design available.

I will send an e-mail with a picture of the project, along with the requirements and deadline. If you want to test that project you will simply reply with your interest to the email.

Showing your interest does not necessarily mean you will be selected to test. I will notify all selected testers within a week.

When selected for a project you will be added to a group chat on Facebook where you will receive your pattern, be able to ask questions, and share your progress with other testers.

Tester Requirements

Make sure you meet all requirements before you apply. If you have any questions please contact me here.

  • Must know basic crochet stitches.

  • Must be familiar with Graph patterns and understand how to read a graph and/or the unique written pattern

  • Must be comfortable changing colors multiple times in a single row.

  • Must be able to complete the project by the deadline asked.

  • Must add the completed project to social media accounts tagging @CrochetaMemory within a week of completion.

  • Must be willing to participate in a Facebook group chat with all other testers.

  • Must provide at least 2 listing quality photos. One with a clean white background, one laid out on a bed. No clutter or trash in the background (photo credit will be given) to be used on social media and in final pattern listings.

If you meet all of the above requirements please fill out the form below.

I am always looking for testers

I want to be your next tester,
Sign me up!

What graphgan techniques are you familiar with, if any? (Check all that apply)
What patterns are you most intrested in testing?

Thanks for submitting!

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