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12 Free C2C Block Patterns | Sweet Treats Blanket Pattern | Crochet Along Blog Hop

I am so excited that I got to be a part of such a fun project. It was such an honor to be asked to contribute two designs for this crochet a long. Now that the designing prosses is over it is time for the patterns to be released, and get this CAL started.

The Sweet Treats C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern Crochet Along starts January 28th and will run through April 22nd. We have 8 amazing designers and myself, we will be releasing one new C2C crochet pattern square each Friday. Stardust Gold Crochet will be starting us off with the first pattern. Each pattern is a 25 stitches by 25 rows so you should not have any issues completing each square and weaving in any ends before the next pattern is released.

The amazing hostess for The Free Sweet Treats Blanket CAL 2022 is a very good friend of mine. Tasha Margette she is the owner and designer behind Stardust Gold Crochet. If you have been following me for any length of time I am sure you have seen me refer people to her amazing C2C calculator (I could make one for my website but why mess with perfection😂. I actually have this calculator bookmarked in my crochet needs folder) She said in her blog "This free C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern design was made for everyone with a sweet tooth! 12 beautiful candy-themed crochet designs by some of your favorite crochet designers!"

Meet The Designers

Now I would like to introduce the amazing designers I had the pleasure to work with, Don't forget to head over to their pages and give them love. First our beautiful hostess Tasha Margette of Stardust Gold Crochet, Erin Towes of Juniper & Oakes, Claire Goodale of E’Claire Makery, Malena Straight of Straight Hooked, Sonya Blackstone of Blackstone Designs,

Emma Wilkinson of Emma Wilkinson Designs,

And then there is me 😁

How The Sweet Treats C2C Crochet Blanket

Crochet Along Will Work

As I mentioned there are 9 designers, each Friday the designer of that week's square will be releasing the Free Graph Pattern on their blog. The best way to keep up with who is hosting that week's pattern is to join our Crochet-a-Long with us Facebook Group. There you can chat with the designers, ask questions, share pictures of your WIPs, join the WIP n’ stitch sessions and more. We encourage everyone to participate and interact with the group.

Get More Than Just A Graph Pattern!

If you prefer written instructions, There is a Sweet Treats Blanket CAL eBook available for purchase! The eBook includes:

  • 12 Full Graphs

  • 12 Written Patterns

  • Cut & Paste to organize your design

  • Instructions on Creating the Perfect Border for your Squares

  • Instructions on How to Create the Perfect Blanket Border

  • Clickable links to video tutorials

  • Crochet Calculator Links

  • Crochet Designer Bios

  • and more…

Other benefits of picking up your EBook

  • Work as fast or as slow as you like.

  • No waiting.

  • No missing a pattern

  • No clicking.

  • No Ads

  • Easier to enter the all contests

Don't Miss Any Updates!

Every Friday when the new FREE CROCHET GRAPH pattern premieres Tasha will be sending an email with updates on where the pattern can be found that week. So be sure to sign up for The Sweet Treats Newsletter. You can find the newsletter sign up here on Stardust Gold Crochet's blog. That way you will never miss the next square!

Did Someone Say Giveaways?

  • Weekly Giveaways!

  • Hashtag Contests

  • Photo Contests

  • Individual Square Contests

  • So Much More!

That's right We Crochet partnered with us for this CAL! They provided some fabulous prizes!

We are using Brava Worsted Weight Yarn. You can use the colors we used, pick colors that fit you better or grab some yarn from your stash.

I hope you are as excited for this Crochet-a-Long to start as I am. Be sure to sign up to the newsletter to get your updates, join the Facebook Group, and pick up your EBook now so when Friday rolls around you will be all set to start!

See you all in just a couple of days

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