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C2C Convo Heart Crochet Blanket Square | Sweet Treats CAL Blog Hop | Square 2

Corner to Corner



Welcome to Crochet a Memory and week two of our

12 week Sweet Treats crochet a long.

Hosted by Stardust Gold Crochet and Sponsored by We Crochet

I would like to send out a big THANK YOU to our host, sponsor, and fellow designers
Thank you for hopping over😁. I am overjoyed to be hosting this week's square.

Are you just learning about the Sweet Treats CAL?
Get all the details HERE

on Stardust Gold Crochet blog post HERE

Have you been impatiently waiting all week for your next square?

Don't wait, work on your time not ours 😉grab your E-Book TODAY and get instant access to all 12 patterns.

Your E-Book Will Include

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  • Tutorials on how to create the perfect crochet border.

  • Bordering the entire blanket.

  • and more. . .

* During the CAL the E-Book is $10.99!
After the CAL is over the price will go up to $13.99. *

Square #2 C2C Conversation Hug Me Heart Crochet Blanket Square!

I knew when Tasha (Our amazing hostess of this CAL) of Stardust Gold Crochet asked me to be a designer, and with us being this close to Valentine's Day. We could not possibly complete this crochet a long without a conversation heart.

Its just really is not Valentine's Day until you are dumping these super cute, but chalk tasting Sweetheart candies out from the bottom of your kids backpacks into the trash 😂 I can't be the only one? 😂

Only having a 25 x 25 graph to work with was a little bit of a challenge. I knew what I wanted I just needed to find the right words (that would fit).

Then it hit me "hug me" and after the last couple of years we all could use a little hug.

Even though we probably should not be hugging just yet, You can certainty cuddle up with your Sweet Treats blanket, a good book and a cup of coffee

We Crochet provided this beautiful yarn and prizes!

The Brava Yarn colors I chose for this square were Rouge for the background and wording and Cotton Candy for the heart. Tasha and some of the other designers decided to add Custard for the heart which I think is beautiful. That is why I added Custard to the list of colors for my square.

To complete this square with the official We Crochet colors

you will need

  • 1 skein of Cotton Candy for the background

  • 1 skein of Rouge for the letters

  • 1 skein of Custard for the heart

(My wip pictured to the right) Product photography and staging photos is something I am still working on️. So a BIG BIG thank you goes out to Tasha for lending me her amazing eye and suppling all of the beautiful photos for this weeks blog.

As you can see you can work your square in any colors or color combination you would like.

I designed the pattern to have three colors. Then I only worked my square up with two. colors because I was trying to conserve yarn.

I ordered enough yarn to complete one square and then last minute Tasha and I worked together to make the Laffy Taffy square which will be available in a couple of weeks

That is the beauty of graph patterns they are so versatile.

Choose your adventure this week are you team #2colors or are you going to live on the wild side and pick team #3colors


72 Hour

50% Off Sale

Your Pattern includes 5 .pdf's

  • Graph Pattern

  • Sc Written Pattern

  • Color Blocks Pattern

  • C2C Written Pattern

  • C2C Color Blocks Pattern

Use coupon code PATTERNPARTY at check out to receive 50% off

*Coupon is valid on this pattern only and will expire Monday February 7, 2022 at 11:59 CST*



Are you a graphgan lover? I am assuming yes since you are here right now.😜I invite you to join my Facebook group

Where we focus just on graphgans and crochet portraits


If you have not picked up all the yarn you will need to complete your blanket, here is the complete yarn list.

I really enjoyed working with Brava Yarn. It did not have the stiff and scratchy feel that most affordable worsted weight yarns seem to have.

It is very soft and I would recommend it for any of your upcoming projects


Don't forget to. . .

Pin it, Post it, Gram it

use the hashtags

I can't wait to see all of your progress photos in our Facebook group. If you are not in the community click the button below to join.

Here you can have conversations with our featured designers

as well as other participants of the CAL.

Below is your free Graph Pattern.

Prefer to have a downloadable .pdf?

If you need me for any reason please feel free to email me

When you become a VIP Lounge Member you will be emailed this FREE pattern as a thank you.

This pattern is (150) stitches wide by (170) rows tall.

Your Sweet Treats Graph Pattern will not be sent though email.

Thank you all and I will see you again in a couple of weeks for my next square the Laffy Taffy

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